Specialty Office Services, Inc.

Nearly 100,000 properties prepared for closing since 1990!




How do we work?
Complete an order form and email or fax us that information along with the first three pages of the agreement of sale.

What happens next?
We put the information into our custom-built conveyancing software system. We proof it for errors and inconsistencies to make sure we have the most accurate information being shared with all parties. We communicate with clients, municipal authorities and all other individuals required to put everyone on the same page. We use custom -designed and printed folders, with double checks built into them.

How do I know if I am ready for settlement?
You’ll generally only hear from us when we feel there is a potential liability and your expertise is needed. Otherwise, you can expect to see a fax or personal delivery of your settlement file a week before closing. We’ll keep you informed if we’re calling your client for any out of the ordinary need or any need we thing might be personal to the client. Call us when you need peace of mind as to the status of a particular file.

Should I be a concerned that SOS is not on-site?
We’ve heard this many times! We tend to be more productive than an in-house conveyancer. We see many, many more files in a month than the average conveyancer. This gives us greater experience to resolve title issues faster. Every phase of our work is double- checked from opening to closing. It’s like having multiple conveyancers on every file. 100% of our time is spent doing conveyancing. We never have to interrupt our work for any task that isn’t conveyancing-related. We are experts at what we do, and have designed a custom system that lets us do our job with full concentration. Our work never falls behind due to sick days or vacations. We have worked hard at maintaining good relationships with the municipalities and that has paid off big time when we have a rush deal for you or need a favor.

What are the benefits to out-sourcing?
Ann has been a Realtor since the late 1980’s. Specialty Office Services, Inc. (SOS) has been in business since 1990. Ann has personally seen nearly 100,000 files for conveyancing. This gives us quite an edge when it comes to problem solving. Even so, we are still presented with new situations regularly! We’ve got all the resources in place to get your deals to the settlement table with the least amount of inconvenience to you, and the least amount of worry for your buyers and sellers. In recent years, it has become the rule rather than the exception, that we have to secure loan satisfaction pieces for old mortgages on titles. We’ve become experts on ‘working the system’ and getting what we need for settlement.

How do I begin a relationship with SOS?
We ask for a deposit from our clients for all municipal/servicers prepays that are required. Or we can get checks from the seller in advance. The average client places $500-$1000 on deposit (fully refundable when our conveyancing relationship ends) with us for us to use for prepays that are required. This number is adjusted according to volume. Please call to discuss. Some brokers fund an account as a benefit to the agents and then the reimbursements are continually reimbursed at the settlements and the funds are used over and over again. Seller reimburses these costs at closing.

How does SOS get paid?
Our preference is to be paid on the ALTA. However, we can accommodate what works best for you. As long as a check is in the mail within 10 days after settlement, we’re happy. You can pay us from your broker service fee or seller can pay us on the ALTA, whatever works for you!

Cancellation Fee
Once a file reaches us it is considered in-process. Files in-process which are withdrawn or cancelled require a $35 fee. Files which are terminated, but are ready for settlement, require the payment of our fee in full. However, if it is a listing that resells, we will discount the file fee the second time around, and there have been times the second sale is so fast, that we do not need to charge any additional fees at all.