Specialty Office Services, Inc.

Nearly 100,000 properties prepared for closing since 1990!




Brokers and Realtors have found our services to be a tremendous benefit as their liability has been greatly reduced by trusting a conveyancing firm with nearly 75,000 in closed transactions standing behind every file they prepare for settlement.

For Seller Conveyancing, we will:

         Send your seller a letter letting them know we have been hired to make their settlement a smooth experience. Send them a form to return to us with their necessary authorizations.

         Send a checklist to the sellers with things they need to remember to do in order to prepare for closing (i.e., payoff info, water co. name, deed info., etc..). Your name goes on that letter so that they know YOU are involved too.

         Advise the co-op we're involved and ask them to give us the lender and title info.

         Order the U and O, as applicable. (some have to go to seller first for signature). Seller calls to schedule - we facilitate the process but do not meet the inspectors. (We order L and Iís for Philadelphia)

         Order the 3407 or 5407, it comes right to you to expedite, please remember to email or fax us a copy.

         Prepare a title clerk information/reimbursement sheet

         Order tax, trash, water and sewer certs and finals.

         Order sellerís loan payoff(s).

         Clear the title and address any concerns. We never call sellers to introduce a problem on title without calling you first.

         Work with Seller Agent and Title Company to clear issues regarding trusts, estatecs, divorces, etc..

         Order your escrow check through your bookkeeper.

         Obtain a copy of the settlement notice from you or the co-op and forward a copy to the seller.

         Obtain a status letter from the community management office, as applicable.

         Send package to title company in advance. Send full package to the agent.

         Assist with deed packages, as required

         Remain available for your questions throughout the process

Our fee is often charged in addition to a Broker Services Fee or our services can be billed right to the buyer on seller on the HUD. Our seller file fee is $250. We take pride in professionally preparing our clients for a stress-free closing where every detail has been checked and double checked. Our courteous and professional staff works directly with the buyer and seller, while always keeping you, the agent, in the know.

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